game trigger/content warnings

Jumpscares, disturbing imagery, extremely violent/gorey imagery, flashing colors/lights, and mentions of suicide

lomando.com is a japanese horror puzzle game made with javascript and html5. it's purely an in-browser game, and completely free to play. its setting of choice is fancy island, an abandoned, dilapidated amusement park. the horrifying monsters you see throughout your journey haunt the island, constantly trying to stop your from getting to your goal: the gallery.

you begin on an innocent-seeming homepage. there's pink everywhere along with a chibi catgirl named mimi! how could this possibly go wrong?

when you click on mimi (and then click on her again to confirm you want to enter the island), however, you realize, "hey, maybe i shouldn't have done that." You're greeted with nothing but darkness and a big, foreboding door to what looks like a mansion. Click on it and it opens with a rusty-hinged creak. You should probably turn your volume down now.

the music that plays once you're inside the building is what nightmares sound like, and coupled with the disembodied head floating in the center of your screen, it's quite unnerving to say the least! there are a few dots to click on at the bottom of the screen, and they'll each lead you to different pages where you can start to collect clues and venture deeper into the island. oh, and one dot is a jumpscare (it's the fifth).

that being said.... would you like to play?


and that's all i'll say myself. i don't wanna spoil too much ;) this game was a trip to play through, and honestly i had to look up the urls to a lot of the pages (some of the puzzles made my wrist hurt). the imagery in it is some of the freakiest i've seen... but it's all jumpscares. a shame really, i think this game would've been terrifying without its jumpscare gimmick. after the fifth or sixth you kinda just expect it and it loses the fear factor entirely. at least for me. the reused scream sound effects certainly don't help.

i had no idea what this game's story was going through it, which is fine by me. when the visuals are this fucking good i'm gonna stay till the end no matter what. even if you don't want to play it because of the jumpscares (very understandabke), i'd reccomend looking up "lomando images" if you think you can handle it.

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