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You know that metal behemoth standing watch over a dusty crop field, a sea of red rocks, or a forest of pine. A structure, entirely alien to nature, that you zoom by on roadtrips. Surreal in light and ominous in dark. Surely it's just a pile of steel used for conducting electricity, right?

Well not in this game! Pylons, created by T.W. Burgess, is a short retro-style horror game about the sinister nature of pylons. You play as a child in a small town that's on the verge of some sort of pylon takeover, though no one seems to know it yet.

Since the game is so short, that's all I'll summarize from it. Check it out to find out more ;)

Personal Thoughts

Even though the concept sounds kind of silly at first, the game is actually really creepy. Burgess made full use of the limited graphics. Honestly, I think the limitation adds an extra element of spookiness to everything. Sure, super realistic faces would've also looked disturbing, but there's nothing quite like the pixellated dead stares of the pylon man and hermit.

The story and gameplay aren't anything special to be honest, the part where the game shines is its art. I didn't think I could be creeped out by a walking pylon but here we are. There are a few minor jumpscares, but they don't rely on loud sounds or sudden flashes of creepy faces to get you (unless you die, but that's forgivable in my opinion).


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T.W. Burgess