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Deep in the woods lies a stagnant house, abandoned for the past year after an exorcism gone wrong. You play as John Ward, who's returning to the Martin house to finish what he started: the exorcism of Amy Martin.

First, though, you have to get to the house. And as you travel through the empty woods, you'll soon find that Amy isn't the only thing you should fear.

Chapter two veers tonally from the first game a bit. It's more focused on gameplay than the foreboding atmosphere of the first chapter. Regardless, chapter two expands on the story of the first, and gives you the background on the creature that chased you through the woods in the first game. The creature is Michael Davies, another victim of demonic possession.

Faith was created by Airdorf Games in Gamemaker Studio and released in 2017.


Personal Thoughts

Once again, a pixel horror game uses its limited graphics to their full ability, but adds in something unique: rotoscoping. These rotoscoped cutscenes are a stark contrast to the minimal animation of the main game, so when they pop up they're quite a surprise if you don't know they're coming. And they're creepy as fuck. Just look at this gif of the antagonist of the first chapter, Amy.

The sound design grating, but in all the right ways. When I realized posessed Davies isn't just making weird loud noises and is actually saying stuff like "father" it creeped me the fuck out. I really had to listen for it, which normally would be annoying, but in this case I think it works. Not to be cliche, but it actually sounds demonic. Like, that's exactly what I'd imagine a real demon would sound like.